About AG Consulting

Andy Galloway was the owner and Managing Director of EQM Ltd (External Quality Management Ltd) until that company was successfully sold in 2012. Since 2015, Andy has been operating as a sole-trader, taking pride from knowing that his name is at the top of every quotation and contract that he undertakes. He says "If I'm going to put my name on it, it's going to be right"

This has been his philosophy throughout his life, whether working as a Chief Artificer in the Royal Navy, a Regional Inspector for NACOSS (now NSI) or running a big, successful consultancy company like EQM Ltd. He has brought that same pride in his work to his clients as a sole-trader.

Andy's work falls into two categories, compliance work for fire and security companies within the UK and Ireland and Special Projects.

Compliance in the fire and security industry is not as straight forward as most industries. To this end, the vast majority of consultants for quality, environmental, information security, sustainability or business continuity management are unable to provide effective consultancy in the fire and security industry. It is evident from the fact that even a relatively small company within the industry must comply with over 100 rules, regulations, british and international standards, NSI and SSAIB Regulations, police and fire brigade policies, local government directives, acts of parliament, etc. ad infinitum. In order for your consultant to work in compliance in the fire and security industry, they require a great deal of specialist knowledge. Anything less will make your job harder because the consultant's output will be far less effective. Whether the work is to develop a management system initially or expand an existing management system to include additional scopes, Andy's methodical approach to your project will ensure full compliance at the first attempt. Andy also provides ongoing support for companies in the fire and security industry with regular and pre-defined visits to your premises to carry out compliance work as it becomes due, guaranteeing you peace of mind that compliance is not a "sometimes" thing, it is an "always" thing.

The list of special projects Andy has undertaken on behalf of governments, local councils, Fortune 500 corporations and private companies, in the UK and around the world, is staggering. Suffice to say, if you don't know who else to turn to to get your project on the rails, Andy is the only person you need to call. Andy has carried out inspections of secure arrangements in war zones, prepared security companies for international expansion, prepared companies to maximize profit prior to sale, built security screening databases, carried out independent audits of security systems, both as an added-value proposition on behalf of installation companies and as a safeguard for system owners. Andy has also worked with a number of companies to help with the design and build of Alarm Receiving Centres, design of Telecare Response Centres, design of Static Guarding Control Rooms and design of CCTV Remote Monitoring Control Rooms, all including the development and implementation of the operational systems and documentation required for full compliance.